Esthetician Salary, Certificate, Skills & Career

There's no doubt at all that in this day and time, taking care of one's skin and ensuring that its healthy at all times, is an integral part of the overall well-being and good health of all individuals especially with global warming concerns and the increasing intensity of the harmful sun's rays being detected more and more in the environment. This is where an esthetician comes in handy to help in providing this much-needed skin care maintenance and improvement to all that desire to get this kind of care.

Esthetics Career

An esthetician is generally a licensed professional in the maintenance and improvement of healthy skin, and they focus mainly on the outer layer of the skin commonly known as the epidermis, as they perform procedures and skin treatments like: hair removal through waxing, threading, sugaring or tweezing, chemical exfoliation, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, facial massage, eyelash tinting and eyelash extensions as well. The education requirements for skin-care specialist can usually be acquired within 8 to 12 months through a formal training program; and upon graduation, one is required to take and pass a state licensing exam that includes both a written and a practical portion.

Esthetics Salary

Like in many other industries, the salary of an aesthetician is vary depending on several factors like the area or region in which the aesthetician is practicing, the level of education acquired by the esthetician, the industrial experience of the aesthetician as well as the clientele base of the practice; according to the latest research of EstheticianSalaryData , the average salary is currently estimated to be around $41,000 per year. The pay of an esthetician also depends as to whether they are compensated on salary alone or on a commission basis as well or are entitled to a periodic bonus.

Part Time

Depending on one's locality and the demand for estheticians in a particular region or country, it is possible for licensed aestheticians to work full time and opt for part-time position in the same field or industry. Of course, working as a parttime aesthetician also means that less hours of experience in the industry is acquired and also the salary or income expected is relatively lower compared to the salary for aesthetician; and this is bound to vary greatly depending on the number of hours that one puts into their job. The work environment of a licensed esthetician is usually very exciting and full of people as they normally work in skin care clinics, salons, med spas, relevant private practices and day spas as well with great working conditions too.

Full Time

A full time esthetician, generally has an added advantage over part time employee in so far as gathering or gaining the necessary industrial experience is concerned. Full time aesthetician is not only bound to horn their skills quickly, but is also bound to make or earn a relatively higher salary than half time aesthetician even if they work in different regions of the country. With the work environment and work conditions being similar with that of part time aesthetician, the average expected salary for medical esthetician is around $45,000 per year.


While being a general esthetician is naturally bound to attract more benefits for the esthetics than just being a part-time general esthetician, it is also true that not all estheticians are able to work on a full time basis continuously especially if they are mothers. In order to maintain the state licenses, one might find it necessary to work on the part time basis in the event of major life events like child birth or other occurrences in one's life. But it is definitely the choice of the esthetics specialist to either work full-time or part-time as they themselves know what they are looking for in their professions.